Best Photo Scanner with Feeder in 2022

Best Photo Scanner with Feeder in 2022

Looking for the best photo scanner with a feeder in 2022? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best photo scanners on the market and why you should consider purchasing one. We’ll also provide a few tips on how to choose the best scanner for your needs. So, whether you’re looking for a home scanner or a business scanner, read on for some great advice!

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What is a photo scanner with feeder and why do you need one?

A photo scanner with feeder is a type of scanner that allows you to scan multiple photos at once. This is a great feature if you have a lot of photos to scan, as it can save you a lot of time. Most photo scanners with feeders also come with software that lets you edit and enhance your photos, so you can make sure they look their best before you print them out or share them online.

How To Choose The Best Photo Scanner With A Feeder

When buying a photo scanner with a feeder, you need to be careful because you might end up with one that is too expensive and doesn’t work as well. So, the best thing to do is to carefully look at the features of each option and compare them to what you need. But it might be hard if you have hundreds of options to choose from. So, in our list of the best photo scanners with feeders, we’ve already picked out the best ones for you. Even though all of the photo scanners on our list are good enough for casual use, you should use our buying guide to find the one that is best for your needs. In this guide to buying a photo scanner, we’ll talk about things like image quality, running time, the different kinds of photo scanners, and more.

1. Scanner Type

Before you decide, you should make sure you’re getting the right kind of scanner for your needs. On the market, you can find different kinds of scanners, such as flatbed scanners, flexible scanners, photo scanners, and so on. These options are different in terms of their features and how well they work, like the resolution, the speed at which they scan, and more. Also, there are different kinds of power sources. Some scanners can be charged, while others run on batteries or traditional AC power. You should think about all of these things and pick the right kind of scanner.

2. Scanning Speed

A photo scanner is useless if it takes more than a minute or two to scan your papers. It might be fine for personal use at home, but it won’t work at all in a business setting. For professional uses, you should choose a faster machine that can scan at least 20 to 30 pages in just under a minute so that it doesn’t slow you down at work. Also, the time it takes to scan depends on how clear the print is. Most of the time, it takes longer for machines with a higher resolution to finish the scan.

3. Size and type of documents that can be used

This is another important factor because the document you are scanning needs to be held up by the scanner. If the document is too big or too wide, you won’t get a scan at all or you won’t get a good scan. Usually, the scanner will tell you what kinds of documents it can read, and you should check this carefully before buying it. The good news is that all of the photo scanners on our list can read standard documents that are used almost everywhere.

4. Resolution of Scanning

This is the last thing you should think about when shopping for a photo scanner. For people who are only going to scan black-and-white documents, the scanning resolution is not a big deal. In this case, you will need a faster machine instead of a photo scanner with good color accuracy. But if you want to scan pictures and photos, you need a scanner with a high resolution. These options make sure that the color is correct and that your scanned copies are the same as the original.

The best photo scanners with feeders on the market today

You must find a scanner with a feeder if you need to scan several photos or documents simultaneously. This device, sometimes known as an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), enables you to stack many sheets of images or documents for scanning, saving users the hassle of manually placing the sheets on the photo scanner.

If form factor isn’t a concern for you, we’ll also discuss a couple of different flatbed scanners that might be worth looking into.

In light of this, let’s examine some of the top photo scanners with feeders now on the market.

Canon imageFORMULA R40

Considering that Canon produces well-known DSLR cameras and associated accessories, you should be familiar with their name. They do, however, also sell photo scanners similar to the one stated here.

We are placing the Canon imageFORMULA R40 photo scanner in position one. This photo scanner contains a dedicated automated feeder that can feed up to 60 pages automatically, just like the majority of the options on our list. It is possible to transform the documents into a searchable format, making it simple to find them even on a cloud server. You will receive a high scanning speed of about 40 pages per minute because the document resolution is restricted to 600 DPI. Additionally, the one-touch operation accelerates the process even further.

For Windows OS and MAC, built-in drivers are available, allowing use immediately after connecting in. Regarding connectivity, it offers the USB option, making it effortless to use with even the oldest systems. To improve performance and increase flexibility, Canon has added some more software to the Canon imageFORMULA R40. Software licenses for OCR and PDF readers are included with the Canon CaptureOnTouch package. The photo scanner comes with a year’s worth of guarantee from Canon.

Best Qualities

  • Create searchable digital documents from your pages.
  • 40 pages may be scanned in a minute and it works with Windows and macOS.
  • 60 pages can be held in an automated feeder at once.
  • 60 DPI resolution for scanning
  • 365-day warranty


  • Made to last
  • easy to use and link
  • A lot of documents can be held in an automatic feeder.


  • Better resolution might have been possible.

Brother ADS-1700W

For most of you, Brother may be a new brand. However, thousands of customers already utilize its extremely high-quality photo scanners.

Typically, low-powered components are paired with tiny devices to lighten their overall weight and improve their portability. For high-performance portable devices, the Brother Wireless Document Scanner is still an excellent choice. With each scan having a resolution of 600 DPI, you can scan 25 pages each minute. You can scan documents up to 34 inches long in a single pass, depending on the document size. Additionally, the automatic feeder can hold 20 identically sized documents without making a mistake.

Brother added a small touchscreen display to the front of the device to make it even simpler to operate. From here, you can quickly order scanning or modify certain important settings. The scanner will automatically load all of the documents and produce scanned copies if you select the auto-scanning option. You can save digital documents in a variety of places, including email, memory disks, cloud storage, and even your mobile device. You will receive a year of warranty from Brother, just as with the majority of other scanners.

Best Qualities

  • A small, mobile scanner with a feeding
  • Supports email, memory drives, and cloud storage
  • One minute can be used to scan 25 pages.
  • 20 pages can be held by an automatic feeder at once.
  • PC wireless connections
  • Improved color fidelity with automatic color recognition


  • Great scan quality
  • resolution of 600 DPI, the norm
  • Once scanned, papers are simple to store.


  • Only 20 papers can be stored in the automatic feeder at once.

Raven Pro Document Scanner

For purchasing office supplies and other essential equipment like printers and scanners, Raven is a well-known brand. It is displaying the quickest picture scanner currently available.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a photo scanner with a feeder for your office. Given that it can scan approximately 60 documents in under a minute, the Raven Pro Document Scanner will undoubtedly aid you in boosting office productivity. As a result, you will receive a successful scan every second. As well as being immediately transferred to Raven cloud storage or other services like Google Drive or Dropbox, scanned documents can also be. As a result, you may easily do a document search at your favorite location.

The scanned documents can be saved in the widely used OCR or PDF formats, which can be used for a variety of applications. In order to always be connected to the internet while using the device, the Raven Pro Document Scanner now offers wireless connectivity in addition to an Ethernet connection option. The Raven Pro Document Scanner’s 8-inch touchscreen display is quite useful for managing the scanning settings while you’re on the go. 100 papers can be stored in the automated feeder.

Best Qualities

  • Most effective feeder-equipped photo scanner
  • Direct cloud scanning of documents is possible, and a Raven cloud-membership includes limitless cloud storage.
  • Extremely huge touchscreen for simple configuration
  • With the feeder, 600 DPI scanning resolution, 100 pages can be accommodated.


  • The fastest photo scanner currently available
  • Numerous documents can be held in an automatic feeder at once.


  • Extremely pricey picture scanner


One of the few companies, Visioneer, only sells products that require heavy use, such as xerox machines and related accessories. The most dependable product on the market is the Visioneer photo scanner.

Given that you’ll be spending a lot of money on a photo scanner with a feeder, it makes sense to choose a model that you’ll use for a very long time. Therefore, Visioneer is our next choice. Xerox’s Visioneer XD-COMBO Document Scanner is a powerful device that can scan documents at a rate of up to 25 pages per minute. Additionally, the machine receives 35 pages through the onboard document feeder, saving you from having to manually insert the papers. With a 300 dpi resolution, you can actually complete up to 1500 scans in a single day.

Offices, libraries, hospitals, and schools can all benefit from the Visioneer Xerox XD-COMBO Document Scanner since it swiftly turns all paper records into searchable digital files. It has the ability to scan a variety of materials, including ID cards, passports, cheques, invoices, and more, in addition to regular paperwork. The Visioneer Xerox XD-COMBO Document Scanner has an integrated image enhancement technology that prevents the image quality from deteriorating over time. This photo feeder scanner comes with a 3-year warranty from Visioneer.

Best Qualities

  • robust photo scanner
  • Document feeder for 35 pages, the scanning speed of 25 pages per minute, and daily page output of 1500 at 300 DPI
  • Integrated image-enhancing technology
  • one-touch functionality


  • extremely trustworthy photo scanner
  • There is a selection of locations.
  • It can scan a range of document kinds.


  • Not a good option for camera image scanning

Epson Workforce ES-400 II

We are all familiar with Epson because of its high-quality printers and accessories. Additionally, they produce picture scanners that should not be overlooked.

The Epson Workforce ES-400 II is another notably more expensive option for an automatic feeder photo scanner. But with a scanning speed of 35 pages per minute and a resolution of 300 DPI, you will undoubtedly get your money’s worth out of this device. Additionally, this machine’s automatic feeder can take in 50 sheets of documents at once, which enhances both its performance and accuracy. The Epson Workforce ES-400 II can scan the stack of documents with ease, even if it contains a variety of sizes and thicknesses of documents.

You will also receive a potent piece of software from Epson along with the device. While scanning a range of papers every day, the Epson ScanSmart Software will be quite beneficial. Before adding the results straight to your emails or uploading them to the cloud, you can see the outcomes. Additionally, the machine’s integrated TWAIN driver enables a simple interface with a variety of platforms. For high-end machines, the Epson Workforce ES-400 II’s one-year guarantee duration is fantastic.

Best Qualities

  • high-end photo scanner
  • 365-day warranty
  • A minute’s worth of 35 pages can be scanned
  • 50 pages can be held in an automated feeder at once.
  • robust construction
  • Integration of online storage


  • Scan speed is respectable.
  • supports a variety of programs and systems
  • formats for OCR and PDF


  • Low scanning resolution

H-P Wireless Inkjet Color

The brand NEEGO is relatively new to the market. Additionally, it is releasing a reasonably priced wireless photo scanner with a feeder that you ought to test out before purchasing one.

Last but not least, we are offering a wireless Inkjet Color Printer with photo scanning functionality. As a result, it is a two-in-one choice that enables you to scan and print scanned documents. Additionally, the gadget has a document feeder that makes using it simple. Up to 35 pages can be loaded into the feeder at once, and they will be scanned at a very high 1200 DPI resolution. Because it only scans 8 pages in under a minute, you can anticipate slightly slower results in terms of speed.

The HP Wireless Inkjet Color Printer and Scanner are powered by the HP Smart app, which enables remote scanning input. It features WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 technologies so that connectivity won’t be a problem for you. You will also get a 6-foot cord along with the printer and scanner so you can set it up right away after packaging. The H-P Wireless Inkjet Color Printer comes with a 1-year guarantee from NEEGO, which is respectable for the price range.

Best Qualities

  • two in one device
  • Supports scanning and printing on both sides
  • A document feeder has a 35-page capacity.
  • For connectivity, use Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi.
  • 6-foot cable is provided.
  • Control panel with LED buttons that is simple to use


  • Excellent wireless performance.
  • high-resolution scanning
  • includes a year’s worth of warranty


  • Not the best option if the printer is not necessary.


For practically every family, a good photo scanner is a need. Even if you don’t often need a photo scanner, you will need one for specific jobs like school projects or specialized research. We hope that you have so far been successful in locating the ideal photo scanner with a feeder for yourself.

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