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If you are in charge of managing paper documents and other hard-copy files for your organization, it’s time to think about scanning them into digital images.

We’re not telling you to scan your own files; your company probably doesn’t have high-capacity scanners that can handle a large number of paper files and business documents you’ve been keeping for years. The good news is that a professional document imaging and scanning service company will make quick work of all your electronic capture needs.

Why it’s a good idea to scan and make digital files

Now is the best time ever to turn your records into digital images. Digitized documents have a lot of benefits, many of which you may not know about. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should have your office documents scanned into a digital format.

11 Good Reasons to Scan Document

Reduce document retrieval times

With a standard way to name files, your staff will be able to find the records they need in a matter of seconds.

The Gartner Group says that the average worker spends 400 hours a year trying to find documents. Imagine how much time and money your business would save if you could get to your documents quickly. Even if you only spent half as much time finding and getting files, your company could save tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Optical character recognition (OCR) software is now available, so you can use it on your digital files to find records almost instantly, even if you didn’t index or record the file names.

Keep documents secure

Businesses are required by laws and compliance rules like HIPAA and FACTA to keep sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. When you store documents digitally, you can control who has access to them and when. You can also keep track of who accessed them.

Randolph C. Barrows, Jr., MD, and Paul D. Clayton, Ph.D., wrote a book called Privacy, Confidentiality, and Electronic Medical Records. In it, they say:

“Electronic records might be safer if the right rules are in place and the best technology is used. For example, paper medical records don’t make it easy to find out who has looked at the record and what parts of the record have been looked at. Also, paper records make it hard to make sure that only certain kinds of users can see certain kinds of information. Paper records are easy to change by removing or replacing documents, but an electronic document with a digital signature that has been encrypted is much harder to change.

HIPAA violations can cost up to $50,000 per incident and can lead to criminal charges and even jail time. With digitization and document management software, you can keep your records in a safer way.

Protect documents from natural disasters

Floods, fires, tornadoes, and other disasters can destroy hard copies of documents for good, making that information impossible to get back. On the other hand, you can back up scanned images of your business documents to the cloud or a remote site and access them during and after an emergency.

According to the AIIM eBook Information Management for Facilities and Operations: Knowing Your Gaps is Key to Catastrophe Preparedness, the weighted average cost of a catastrophic loss is $506,906. This includes fires, floods, hurricanes, gas emergencies, and power outages.

Lessen the damage your company does to the environment.

By scanning your records and saving all that paper and ink, your business will be much better for the environment. You may also save a lot of money on toner and paper. If you want to shred your documents, make sure you choose a document scanning partner who will shred and recycle all that paper for you after the scanning process is done.

As of 2014, 26% of all the trash in landfills was made up of paper. By switching to digital records, your organization will waste less.

Send and receive documents quickly

With digital technology everywhere (computers in our offices and phones in our pockets), we can email or share documents at any time and almost instantly. No longer do you have to make a copy and mail it, and you don’t have to wait days for the records to arrive. Once you decide to scan your paper records into digital file formats, you’ll be able to find and send requested information quickly and easily.

Simplify collaboration

Several people can edit electronic files at the same time with many document management systems. Getting the ideas and feedback of the whole team on a project has never been easier. This saves time that would have been spent sending versions back and forth and using tools that are hard to use.

ConnectSolutions says that digital collaboration tools like file-sharing software help 77% of remote workers get more done in less time.

Make good use of what you already have.

How much space do the many boxes of documents your company has take up? If those boxes were gone, how many more desks could you fit in the office? How much faster could your staff work if they could get any document they needed with just a few clicks of the mouse? If offices switched to digital archives, they could make much better use of their space and staff.

Preserve important documents

Compared to digital storage and cloud technology, physical records are much more likely to be damaged or lost. Paper is easy to break, and microfilm can get old and lose its quality over time.

Theoretically, electronic file formats can be kept forever because they won’t break down like a physical copy. One thing to keep in mind is that the medium on which digital data is stored (like DVDs or network servers) can wear out or break, so these physical parts need to be taken care of to make sure your data is safe and well-kept.

Improve audit compliance

Regulatory and legal compliance audits happen in many different industries. When audits are done, they can be a lot less painful if digital documents can be found quickly.

Part of what makes audits so expensive is how long it takes to look through documents. Digitization makes it much easier to get to records, which is likely to lower the cost of the audit as a whole.

Optimize customer service

If your business sends paperwork to customers, being able to find digital documents quickly will speed up the process and make your customers happy. And when you offer safe digital storage, you give your customers peace of mind that can’t be bought.

Since you want to!

Ok, so we thought we’d add one more thing. All of the above are good reasons to scan your files, but don’t forget that you can also do it just because you want to. If that’s the case and you’re scanning your files because you just want to get it done, that’s fine. Don’t think it’s silly to do something just because it will make you feel better.

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