What Are The Best Scanners For Linux

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A scanner is an important tool that is commonly used for commercial use and professional purposes in both home and office. The physical documents, including photographs and certificates, are digitized for safe storage using a high-quality scanner. However, purchasing a document scanner for a Linux system can be more challenging than finding a good-quality scanner.

The most important thing to remember while purchasing a scanner is that not every product will include software compatible with Linux systems. Moreover, some scanners come with less durable hardware parts, and the customer care service doesn’t respond properly. Hence, we did a detailed search to save your time and effort in finding the top scanners for Linux systems.

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Things You Need To Know Before You Buy A Scanner For Linux

Since you have decided to get a high-quality document scanner for home and office, learn the things that can narrow down the choice. Out of all the products, you need to find a document scanner for a Linux system that can offer the maximum benefits of going paperless.

1 – Determine The Needs Before Starting To Find

Most people mistake buying a scanner without actually being aware of the features they should look for in that product. You don’t need a scanner to scan oversized pages when there is only a need to digitalize normal documents. Hence, it becomes crucial to understand which essential features must be included in the document scanner.

You might need a duplex scanner when there are many papers for scanning on an urgent basis. A duplex document scanner can save a lot of time and increase productivity. Additionally, you might need high-resolution scanning results and should look for a good-quality scanner.

2 – Don’t Buy A Scanner That Doesn’t Include Important Feature

Some scanners can provide quality results and scan thousands of pages within 4 hours. You can also buy scanners that can take an entire day to scan a limited number of pages.

Hence, you need to find a scanner that is fast and completes the work in less time. You should also check the reviews about the scanner to determine the durability and whether the labor cost of scanning will be high.

3 – Feed And Speeds Can Be Deceiving

Although scanners will scan 5000 pages every day, it is only possible when you are to spend more than 12 hours. If you have to scan many pages, invest in the duplex machines that can give the best result without taking too much time. While you should look for the number of pages that can be scanned within a day, the focus should be on getting a quality scan in less time.

What Are The Best Scanners For Linux
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4 – Evaluate The Software And Hardware

There will be software included with every scanner that is used to run the machine. However, all the software is created differently, and you might find some extra features. You won’t find essential features in some software. Hence, there is a need to evaluate the scanning software so that there is no need to download other software.

5 – Don’t Depend On A Multi-Function Printer Or A Copier

Those who only want to rarely scan 1-2 pages in a week without good quality results can rely on a copier. However, if you need high-quality scanning results, then that is only possible with a scanner. The scanner uses algorithms, filters, and thresholds to scan a document. A scanner can provide a high-quality image that looks exactly like the original.

On the other hand, copiers are used to create duplicate pages. You can’t review the pages, and there can be blacked-out areas. The companies who have scanned and stored documents privately must use good scanners. They come with superior security compared to a copier that stores the duplicated documents on the hard drive.

6 – Don’t Forget To Check Warranty

Most scanners come with 5 year warranty period. When you purchase a large production scanner, get a service contract once the 3- month initial warranty ends. Hence, after completing research, you should calculate the cost of a service contract.

Additionally, learn about the process of servicing the scanner. Before buying a scanner, you should also ask them about cleaning kits and tips to keep the scanner working in the best condition.

What Are The Best Scanners For Linux

Top 6 Best Scanners For Linux

Brother DS-640

If you are looking for a portable document scanner for a Linux system, then choosing this compact and lightweight Brother DS-640 scanner will be an ideal decision. Brother DS640 quickly provides high-quality results and saves the scanned documents on the laptop or desktop. Compared to most models of Brother DS-mobile, DS-640 is the lightest in weight and can be easily carried while traveling.

DS-640 only comprises a Start/Stop toggle and a status indicator as a set of physical controls. You can find them on the top-right edge of the scanner. On the scanner’s right edge, just below the physical controls, there is a USB 3.0 port. You can connect the scanner to laptops, computers, and some tablets. If you want to save documents into mobile, then transfer the files from desktop to device.

You can scan 2.05 and 3.4 inches square sizes of the smallest and largest plastic cards using the Brother DS-640 scanner. Most big companies that only need to scan applications and sales receipts regularly use these scanners. Moreover, they can get high-quality scanning results of documents like a business card. DS-640 is known to provide fast and accurate results, especially for short documents.

You can find a PDF editor that can be extremely helpful for people who create and store PDF files regularly. On the bottom of the scanner, you will find the license keys. Most people are unable to find the license of the software. Hence, your time can be saved by remembering to check the bottom of the scanner.

What We Like:

  • Small, light, and easy to use
  • USB 3.0 connectivity
  • Accurate OCR
  • Fast scanning and processing

What Could Be Better:

  • No internal battery
  • No support for mobile and wireless connectivity

Brother ADS-2200

Brother ADS-2200 is specifically created for users who want to copy physical documents from home or office digitally. If you are looking for a device that comes with a good software suite, then choosing Brother ADS-2200 will be extremely beneficial. You are getting all the important features at a comparatively low price.

This scanner has one nifty feature – scanning capability to USB thumb drives. You can’t find this particular feature at such a low price in other scanners. Since the ADS-2200 duplex scanner can scan both sides of a document simultaneously, you can save enormous time using this device compared to the scanner mentioned above.

You can connect the computer with the device using a USB 2.0 cable. However, you can’t use a Wi-Fi connection. Around 3000 pages can be scanned every day using ADS-2200. If you are only using simplex, the device will take only 1 minute to scan around 35 pages.

You can scan 70 images every minute while using a duplex. We have scanned our documents that included Arial and Times New Roman fonts with text size 8. The scanner did a commendable job, and the texts were clear without any error.

What We Like:

  • Good OCR performance
  • Scans to USB thumb drives
  • Speedy scanning to searchable PDF formats and image PDF

What Could Be Better:

  • Limited to USB 2.0 connectivity

Brother ADS-1700W

Those who need to scan a lot of documents while traveling can use this portable brother ADS-1700W scanner. In this list, ADS-1700W is the first portable scanner that comes with a touch screen control panel. Moreover, you can directly scan to USB drives. The device includes a single-pass 20-sheet ADF for automatically scanning 1 or 2 sided pages.

Since there’s no battery option, you might deal with some limitations when it comes to portability. You have to use the device by tethering it to a power source. USB cable is not included in the box with the scanner. You can connect the scanner with a laptop using a micro USB 3.0 cable or an AC outlet. We can scan around 1000 pages every day using the ADS-1700W machine.

Compared to other portable devices, ADS-1700W is a bit bigger and heavier scanner. The best thing about this portable scanner is that it comes with a decent set of connectivity options. People who want to connect scanner using Wi-Fi will be delighted to know that ADS-1700W comes with the option.

You can scan around 25 pages every minute with a one-sided option and up to 50 images with a two-sided option. We could scan and save a two-sided version of a document into searchable PDF format within only 56 sec. Compared to Epson ES-300 W, ADS-1700W is considered a better option and is known as an extremely capable portable document scanner.

What We Like:

  • Accurate OCR
  • Color touch screen
  • Strong software bundle
  • Supports scanning to USB drives
  • Fast scanning and text recognition

What Could Be Better:

  • Heavier than other portable scanners
  • No battery

Fujitsu fi-7140

You can connect your laptop and computer with Fujitsu fi-714o scanner using USB 2.0. A page with a nominal area of 8.27 inches * 11.69 inches can be scanned and digitized using Fujitsu fi-7140. This device works with a complex sensor, which is CCD. In simplex mode, you can scan up to 40 pages every minute.

In duplex mode, you can scan around 80 images every minute using this scanner. According to the manufacturers, you can scan 3000 pages every day. The size of the ADF is 80. The maximum Sheet thickness you can choose is 7.2 to 112 lb. Moreover, the scanner comes with a long page feature. The appropriate dimensions should be 12*6*6 inches.

The weight of the Fujitsu fi-7140 scanner is 9.2 lbs. You will find software like ScanSnap Manager for fi Series, PaperStream IP, Scanner Central Admin Agent, and PaperStream Capture. You can enable the auto-crop option for the mixed document while scanning pages with large sizes. Moreover, the colored documents can be detected automatically.

With most scanners, you have to remove blank pages manually. Fujitsu fi-7140 scanner can remove the blank documents automatically. The scanner comes with a Smooth Background option that lets you get the perfect background. You can also clean scanned documents using Edge Correction. On Fujitsu fi-7140 scanner, the document alignment option works perfectly.

What We Like:

  • The maximum scan size is 216*5588 mm
  • Scan resolution is 600*600 Dpi
  • Depth of color output is 24 bit

What Could Be Better:

  • No film scanning
  • No built-in display

Canon ImageFORMULA DR-M160II

Canon DR-M160II is the perfect scanner for people who need fast scanning results. You can scan two sides of the pages at the same time. Moreover, the scanner allows you to save it to searchable PDF format. The automatic document feeder that comes with the DR-M160II scanner can hold more than 60 sheets.

You will be able to select profiles (‘jobs’) and start scanning from the scanner’s control panel. Output tray of the Canon scanner will fold down and extend outside from the chassis. The depth of the scanner will almost double when the user pulls down and extend the output tray after attaching the input tray.

When you keep the tray closed, the Canon scanner will take extremely little space around the desktop. You should purchase a new scanner instead of getting it from a third person or seller. The device comes with a Kofax key and a PDF program license. The scanner comes with some amazing features like an ultrasonic sensor preventing double feeds.

What We Like:

  • High-quality scans
  • Easy to use
  • Decent software included
  • Super-fast scanning

What Could Be Better:

  • USB only
  • Tray occasionally catches documents

Kodak ScanMate i940

Kodak i940 scanner was initially launched only for Macintosh Computer users. Since Mac-specific scanners are not easy to find, they gained popularity among Mac users quickly. You can carry this portable scanner when you need to digitalize several documents and save them on a Mac computer or laptop.

The duplex scanning capacity of the scanner can help you save time and complete the work within 30 minutes instead of an hour. The scanner comes with a 20-page automatic document feeder. However, the scanner is quite heavy, and people can find it difficult to carry everywhere compared to lightweight, portable devices.

You can use the Kodak i940 scanner to digitize thick plastic cards as well as business cards. The scanner can be connected to the desktop using a USB cable or an AC adapter. For scanning, you just need to open the lid. You can find the present scan profile when the blue LED-lit number becomes visible. Two arrow keys get illuminated when the user is ready to scan.

Once you have stopped using the device for 15 minutes, the scanner will automatically go into power saver mode. You can turn off the scanner by closing the cover. Various settings can be done when you want to choose the result. The options include: Copy to Print; Scan to PDF; Scan to Folder; Scan to Google Docs, etc.

What We Like:

  • 20-page ADF
  • Duplex scanning
  • Designed for the Mac
  • Fast for a portable scanner

What Could Be Better:

  • Subpar OCR performance
What Are The Best Scanners For Linux
Image source: Amazon.com

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How do you open a scanner on Linux?

Firstly, connect the Linux system with the scanner. If required, you can switch on the scanner. Put the page or image that needs to be scanned into the scanner. Then, you should click the “Dash” icon.

In the search box, you need to type “scan”. You need to locate and click on the “Simple Scan” application icon. Then, click on the “Scan” icon. After the scan gets completed, click on “Save” and “Select File Type”.

Does a Portable Scanner work on Linux?

The portable scanner does work on Linux. The scanner that is mentioned above can work on a Linux system. You will need to read the review to find out about the portability. Some of the best portable scanners are the Brother ADS-1700W scanner and Brother DS-640 scanner.

How do I scan PDF on Linux?

The scanners come with many features that can make it easier to scan and save PDF on Linux. You can use “Simple Scan” as a tool in the Linux system to choose PDF as file format while saving. Another program that you can use is gscan2pdf because it offers additional features.

Does flatbed scanner work on Linux?

There is a list of flatbed scanner that works on some versions of Linux systems. Based on the version, the scanners that can work include: Canon flatbed scanner LIDE 100, Brother HL-L2365DW, Kodak OFFICE HERO 6.1, etc.

Which brand is best for scanners?

Brother, Epson, Canon, Kodak, and Fujitsu are the most popular brands that are trusted by the majority of people around the world for scanning and printing documents.

In conclusion

We hope now you understand that choosing a scanner for a Linux system is difficult, and there is a need to be aware of various features before purchasing a device. You need to be sure that the device is portable when there is a need to do a lot of traveling while scanning documents. Moreover, one needs a duplex scanner if there are hundreds of papers ready to be scanned in a short time.


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