How to use a scanner on a canon printer

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Most people prefer to have printers at home and opt to buy them often and leave the scanner. Why compromise on the convenience when you can buy a scanner cum printer almost around a similar price. It saves both space and money and performs versatile functions even for home users. If buying for office use, you need to buy with the long run and excessive use in mind rather than skimping on budget.

Modern Scan and Print devices make several functions far easier than previous devices. Owing to the current situation where homeschooling has become a norm. It might continue to be so for another year. This gadget is now more useful than ever for home users with kids. Similar is the case with work from home situation. All your equipment is locked up in the office, yet you may need to perform some scans and print out a few reports.

Canon PIXMA TS5320

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Therefore, whatever is the reason you are here to know more before you purchase one or for weighing your options against upgrading, then you are at the right place.

If you own one device, all your printing and scanning necessities are brilliantly handled using the two-in-one equipment. Once you invest in a quality printer and scanner, they offer you long service. Yes, there will be upgrades in the long run, but they are not as quick as mobile updates. Don’t miss the exciting part of the “How to use a scanner on a canon printer” section provided at the end to know complete details of modern scanner operation.

Things To Consider While Buying A Printer Cum Scanner

The printer cum scanner device results in efficient productivity if the output is proper. An inept purchase would result in highly dissatisfying results.

  • As a buyer, you need to look for a printer that has easy maintenance along with handling more prints.
  • Refilling ink through ink tanks is much easier than the ink cartridges. Also, cartridges are expressive to replenish.
  • Choosing a black and white and color printer depends on your requirement.
  • If speed is an essential aspect for you, then factor that in.
  • Since these devices are space-occupying, considering the right palace for it is also important.
  • When it comes to the scanner, you must have complete control over the scanning process.
  • Many OS compatible devices are preferable as you get a larger scope of using it. Having both iOS and Windows compatibility is always a good sign.
  • Be aware of the resolution and make sure that you understand the optical resolution and interpolation correctly. If you need to scan lots of photos, then the higher the resolution better is the scanned result. Check the corresponding values and know that the optical resolution is the right resolution you should check.
  • Check for the warranty period and make sure the manufacturer has a reasonable warranty period.
  • Finally, price is also an important point to consider. Check out the next section to know why it is essential and what kind are best.
Canon Pixma TS6320

Expensive Vs. Inexpensive

One thing to remember when buying a printer is to consider its running cost also as you need to keep on purchasing ink. When you try to save on the initial amount by buying a cheaper printer, it may prove costly due to its expensive refills. The modern-day printers are made such that, even though they are expensive, they give you output very cheaply, and ink filling is a breeze. Also, they come with added facilities such as a scanner.

Quality: Inexpensive printers give low-quality print that looks blurred and dull. At the same time, expensive printers are capable of HD print quality. Scan quality is also affected similarly.

Speed: Low-cost printers offer lower speed in comparison to expensive printers that eventually reduces your productivity. Scanning takes longer, where you need to wait for a long time before your system completes the scanning process.

Connectivity: Wireless connectivity is one of the luxuries that is found only in expensive printers. It is an extremely convenient feature that allows you to work using multiple devices such as phones, PCs, tablets, iPad, etc. Scanning using wireless devices allows you to control the scanner options using more convenient options such as a mobile application.

Capacity: Document feeder capacity of expensive printer cum scanner is considerably large than the inexpensive device.

Some devices are better bought expensive and let them pay off themselves later in life through their service and maintenance. A printer cum scanner device is one such instrument where you should not step back on investing in quality equipment. However, compared to inexpensive devices, expensive one’s payback in terms of refills and compliments which round off to equal or lower cost than the actual lower-cost devices.

Printer Cum Scanner Benefits

They can provide you the following advantages when combined. Individually they have many benefits, but here I am mentioning only the combined effects of them.

  • Affordable – Adding few more bucks to the printer’s budget will get you a scanner, which is nearly as expensive as a printer if bought separately.
  • Space-Saving – As both devices sit one on top of the other seamlessly, they occupy only the space of a single device.
  • Efficiency – As two works can be done one by one using the same apps, they increase your productivity.
  • Easy Maintenance – Refilling ink is relatively easy in modern scanners as they come with ink tanks. Cleaning your scanner is quite more manageable than before.

Top Brands Of Printers That Offer These Devices

There are several top branded companies offering such multi-functional devices. Canon, Brothers, HP, Epson, Samsung, and so on offer many models in different sizes and prices to suit your needs. One thing they all commonly do is ease your burden of work related to scanning.

Printing has always been a better job than scanning. However, scanning has been a painstaking job since its discovery. Undoubtedly you will change your mind if you get to know the working of the modern scanners.

For a better idea, I will provide the steps involved in scanning a document on a print cum scan device. After checking the details, you will agree with me.

Check out this cannon printer in action for a clearer picture

How To Use A Scanner On A Canon Printer

Cannon offers many Print and Scan devices with various functions suitable for different users, such as home users and businesses.  The convenience of using both printing and scanning in a single app helps you stay productive seamlessly.

You can feed the source to the scanner in two methods, i.e., using a glass surface and document feeder.

How To Use A Scanner On A Canon Printer With Window and iOS

Using the Canon scanner that comes with its printer is configurable in a few simple steps. Once the setup is done, you can scan quicker.

Using imageCLASS

  • Place the file that you must scan on the feeder or glass
  • Press scan followed by select and press OK
  • In a few advanced models, you can click scan directly in this step
  • Configuring scan settings
  • Tap the scan option for initiating, and then by tapping done, you can finish it.
  • Scanning With imageRUNNER ADVANCE Using MEAP
  • MEAP is the Canon Mobile application for Scanning
  • Select the scan option from the main menu
  • Keep the document you need to scan on the feeder or glass
  • Select the direct scan option from the application (if applicable) or can select after configuring the settings, begin the scan

Scan With imageRUNNER ADVANCE using Scan and Send

Ensure your Canon device is turned on and is connected to the same local internet line you are using on your iPhone or iPad. Scan settings for imageCLASS are initially configured on the device itself. Then the other settings are applied using the mobile side terminal.

  • Open the business app of Canon and go to the home screen. Tap the scan option.
  • You need to note the hostname in the scan screen
  • After placing the source document on the feeder or glass, click on the Scan and Send by selecting it from the main menu
  • Tap on the new destination option on the screen
  • Select the file option in the pop-up which allows you to set the destination
  • For the Protocol field, you need to select the WebDAV where you enter the hostname that you noted from the scan screen app previously
  • Now, you can proceed with the scanning process by tapping OK

A video would make you understand better

How To Use A Scanner On A Canon Printer With Android

Confirm that you switched on the Canon device, and it is in the same LAN where your android mobile is connected. You must first configure the mobile settings of imageRUNNER ADVANCE and then on the device.

However, the steps for Android using imageCLASS, imageRUNNER ADVANCE for MEAP, and Scan & Share are similar to that of iOS, as mentioned above.


Having the Printer cum scanning device handy would help you advance quickly in this competitive world. It is equally useful for elders and children these days. Devices with higher resolution give better results. So, try to choose your resolution value greater than 200 dpi. When both the devices are efficient in their performance, only then this device is handy. You cannot compromise on any one device with higher efficiency and the other at lower.


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