Can You Scan Multiple Pages At Once

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Scanning made the digitization of documents easier. It is a minimum requirement in these modern days to safeguard the privacy of the information and save it for long term archiving. As the scanner converts the hard copy to a soft copy sharing, it is a breeze. Moreover, if you want to create multiple copies, you can simply print out as many prints as you need.

Large institutions have already recognized its potential long back, and they do have high-end scanners in their offices since their advent. Due to its versatile usage, the scanner is soon becoming the next most crucial hardware after printer, especially in small and medium offices.

In the wake of this requirement, you need to upgrade your skills in using a scanner. Though it is a simple device, it has a small learning curve, quickly learned if you ever handled any digital device such as a computer or a smartphone.

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Here I will discuss some common doubts such as “Can you scan multiple pages at once?” and issues you might have regarding the scanning process.

Xerox DocuMate 6440

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Can You Scan Multiple Pages At Once?

Yes, you can scan multiple pages at once. This question is interpretable in two ways, and hence there are two scenarios.

Automatic Document Feeder: Scanners with automatic document feeders can scan multiple pages in a single go. You just need to place the bunch of papers according to the feeder capacity and start the scanner. The ADF scanner will scan them all in a single go by running them automatically through the glass screen. If your scanner has duplexing properties, you can scan both sides of the document at once.

Small-Sized Documents: If you have several photos or bills that are smaller than the maximum glass area of your scanner, then you can simply scan them together. If it is a flatbed scanner, you can directly arrange them on the glass for scanning. If it is an ADF scanner, you can use a carrier sheet to carry multiple pages into the scanner.

Pages thus scanned can either be separated using custom settings by drawing boxes around them or by editing them later after scanning.

How To Scan Multiple Pages Into A Single PDF?

When you have multiple pages to scan, and you need them as a single PDF, then you need to follow the below process. Though it seems similar to the above question of –Can you scan multiple pages at once? It still has a few additional steps to take care of. Here are the steps mentioned for a Brother scanner.

Criteria: All the pages should be of the same size.

  • Place the source on the screen
  • Launch the scanner application
  • Select the size of the document and the type
  • The scanned image will be displayed on the scan window
  • Now you can save it in the PDf format
  • When you choose the PDF file format, you can also select the continuous scanning option by checking the box provided
  • All the files scanned thereon will be saved as a single PDF
  • Press the Finish button when you are done
Epson DS-780N

Another more straightforward method is to scan all your required files into a folder simply. Then go to the folder through the PDF merge option and create a PDF file using the required documents.

Can You Scan A Book Without Ripping It Off?

Yes, you can scan books; however, you need flatbed scanners, and ADF scanners cannot do it unless you separate pages. Flatbed scanners can scan books even if you cannot place them flat on the scanner, but it leaves a little black gap at the rim. Also, if there is a lot of gap between the glass plate and the closing lid, you can overcome it by scanning in a dark room.

When there is not light interfering with the scanning, the gap does not matter much and gives you satisfactory results. Another effective way of scanning a book is to place only one side of the book on the scanner, as demonstrated in the below video.

How Can You Can A 3D Object?

It is possible to do 3D scanning using the flatbed scanners. The higher the resolution and the more advanced is the technology, the better are the results. While scanning 3D objects, you need to do it in a dark room as you cannot use the lid due to the 3D object. If it is fragile, it will be squished, or simply its shape will not allow sufficient closing. Another right solution is to use a black box for obstructing the light yet cover the scanner with the 3D object on it adequately.

Here this video mentions a tip for 3d scanning. If you place the object’s cylindrical part parallel to the light source, you can achieve a better result. When you place it perpendicularly, the light softens the highlights and gives a little blurred image. So it is best to check in different angles to achieve the best-scanned image.

How To Scan Old Photos To Look Their Best?

While restoring your old photos, you should not use the high resolution as they display all the folds, scratches, and dust. When you reduce these will be minimized to some extent, yet the photo does not lose its detail. Cleaning the scanner glass and photo carefully for dust will also give better results.

Make use of software that automatically removes scratches and dust from your photos. First, look for this option in your scanner software as usually most scanner software come with this facility. Else consider installing third-party software.

When you follow these tips, your old photos can be quickly and successfully restored to their optimum.


Those mentioned above are the trickiest and most commonly required uses of a scanner. You must now be a pro in simple scanner related issues such as can you scan multiple pages at once? And start enjoying much higher uses of a scanner. If you followed this guide thoroughly, it would not be hard for you to master the 3D scanning quickly. However, always remember that the scanner surface is made of glass and is very fragile. Even dust and small scratches can show up in the scan. So make sure to keep it clean and protected always. Now you can find yourself a scanner that scans multiple pages at once with pretty good quality on Amazon

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