How To Scan Double Sided Documents

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Automatically scanning double-sided documents is possible when you have a duplexer. It comes in-built in some models. You can also scan them manually. There are several brands offering scanners in many varieties of models. Each model has a different way of doing it and uses specific software. Knowing the methods of its working will make your decision to purchase a scanner easier.

Also, if you already own a scanner and need help, you have it here. Check out how to scan double-sided documents using some of the prominent brands on the market. Even if your scanner’s brand is not present in this list, checking out the complete article will surely give you a solution as most scanners work in one or the other ways mentioned below.

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How To Scan Double-Sided Documents On Epson?

Epson models such as the WorkForce 635 Series come with a duplexer allowing automatic scanning of double-sided documents. You can use the automatic document feeder (ADF) or the glass bed to perform this scan.

Keep the source document on the Scanner glass bed or load it on the ADF. Use the scan button to scan the documents to a memory card or the PC. Press the “Menu” button and adjust the “Scan settings.” Here you will find the option for “2-Sided Scanning”, select it, and follow the instructions. Similarly, if you opt to scan using Epson Scan Software, then make sure you select the document source as “ADF – Double-sided.” This option is available only for the professional and office modes only.

How To Scan Double-Sided Documents on Canon?

For one time scanning each document on both sides, we use ADF. If you want to scan multiple documents at a time using ADF, you can do so by selecting any of the OCR, Driver, Custom, E-mail, or Document options. Feed the documents to ADF, launch IJ Scan Utility, open settings by clicking the button. From the dialog box, select “Document Scan” on the left, and in the corresponding right panel, i.e., “Scan Options,” click on the dropdown of “Select source.” You can choose the “Document (ADF Duplex)” or “Document (ADF/Platen)” from the options.

Make sure that the resolution, color mode, and document size options are appropriate to the source you are scanning. If you want to change the orientation, you can specify it at this stage. Here you can also opt for a binding side and then proceed by clicking “OK.”

Canon ImageFORMULA R40


This opens the main screen of the IJ utility. When you select “Document,” the scan starts and scans both sides automatically. For each option that allows double-sided scanning, you have different special setting provisions. A few critical actions you can perform are listed below.

  • Document Scan and OCR: When you select “Document (ADF/Platen),” make sure to check the option “Scan both sides when scanning from ADF.”
  • Custom Scan: Though you can choose “Auto” mode in this option, you can scan only documents of the same size.
  • E-mail: You need to specify e-mail client in the “Application Settings Area” for this option to attach them to an email.

How To Scan Double-Sided Documents on Brother

For Brother scanners, you have many scanning methods depending on the operating system and software or access point. When you scan using Windows, the default application is ControlCenter4, and with Mac, it is ControlCenter2. The other applications, such as ScanSoft™/Nuance™ PaperPort™ SE for Windows. Similarly, for Mac, you can use Presto! PageManager.

Controlcenter4 and Controlcenter2

Let us see how to scan using Controlcenter4 for a better understanding of the Brother’s duplex scanning process. Keep the original document in the ADF, launch Controlcenter4, Click on “Brother Utilities.” From the dropdown, choose your model and click “Scan” in the left panel. You will now find the “ControlCenter4” option in the right panel. Select “custom,” and you need to opt for the “2-sided Scanning” check box, which allows you to select a binding option. Now click on the “OK” button, which initiates the scan. The process is pretty much similar for Controlcenter2 using Mac OS.

Brother High-Speed Desktop Document Scanner, ADS-2200, Multiple Scan Destinations, Duplex Scanning
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Scan key

When using the Scan key, you start by placing the ADF document and pressing the Scan button on the device. It has an LCD that guides you through this process. You can navigate using the right and left arrow keys on the device or by swiping either side. The selected option is displayed in the middle and has a blue highlight around it.

After selecting the required option, press “OK.” Then select the computer to send the scanned document by entering the 4 digit pin and press “OK.” For enabling both sides, scan the “Options” button and select “2-sided Scan” along with document type. Press the “Set with Touch Panel” and then “On.” Please note that this option works only when connected with ControlCenterinstalled computers.

For some models, you can scan in high-speed mode using ADF when you select “ADF High-Speed Mode.” Also, remember to place the long edge first when keeping the documents in ADF and click “OK.” Finally, press “Start” to initiate scanning.

Scansoft™/Nuance™ PaperPort™ SE

You can also do the double-sided scanning usingScansoft™/Nuance™ PaperPort™ SE for Windows. Click on the PaperPort or Nuance PaperPortdepending on your windows version. On the left side of the screen, look for the “Scan” or “Get Photo” option; else, click on the “Scan Settings.” It opens the Scan panel, where you proceed by clicking on “Select.”See if the TWAIN driver is selected. Else select it according to your model and click OK.

This enables your scanner’s listing on the scan panel, where you can further configure it to your custom settings. Make sure to check “Show Capture Assistant” and “Display Scanner Dialog Box.” Put the document for scanning in the ADF and proceed with scanning by clicking “Scan.” In the dialogue box for scanner setup, you can make adjustments, if any, and also select “2-sided Scanning” by checking the box.

Finally, select the binding edge and click “Start” for initiating the scan. To complete the scan, click “Cancel” and select any of the three options of scan more pages, scan another side, or done, depending on your requirement. This displays your scanned document when the scanning is done.

Presto! PageManager

The process is much simpler when using Presto! PageManager. Open the application, feed the document to ADF, Click “Acquire,” check “2-sided Scanning,” and then the binding option. Click “Start” to initiate scanning and “Cancel” when done.

How To Scan Double-Sided Documents on HP

Start by opening the HP scan. Keep the dual-sided source documents in the document feeder. Click on “Scan” to open the dialog box. Select the required options, and if you need more options, you can click on “Show Details.” You should select the type of document you are scanning then the source as a document feeder. Similarly, update all selections as per your choice.

Also, select the “Scan both sides of the page” option and click on continue. The device starts scanning one side for all pages on ADF. After it is done, it shows a notification that clearly states how to place the pages back into the ADF. You place them back exactly as indicated and click continue. This process will leave you with the pages interleaved and sorted.

How To Scan Double-sided Documents on Ricoh

Two-sided originals are not displayed soon after scanning one side as they are stored in memory before they are output. Later, when the second cycle is completed, only then you get the wholly scanned result. An intermediate result is not possible in this type of scanning. However, you can check the stamp to check if it is scanning both sides as required.

  • Supply the scanner with the source document.
  • Select “Original Feed Type.” Arrange document in the right orientation and specify same in settings.
  • Then select “2-sided Original”.
  • Select the options for page opening orientation and from which page the 2 sided scanning starts.
  • When you have a cover sheet, your 2 sided scanning will start from the 2nd page. Now click “Ok.”
  • Select the folder to save by indicating a destination.
  • Click the “Start” button.
Sharp MX-4070N Color Copier Printer Scanner All-in-One

How To Scan Double-sided Documents on Sharp

Put the original documents on the ADF of the all-in-one printer. From the control panel, choose “Original” and select “2-sided booklet”. The Sharp scanner is capable of taking care of blanks when a few of your pages are one-sided when you select “Others” and choose “Blank Page Delete” from the prompt. Then click start. This will create a PDF without any blanks.

How To Scan Double-sided Documents Using Third-party software

You can also scan double-sided documents using your scanner even if it does not have its original drivers or does not have that capability. We get 3 cases in this scenario.

  • A duplex feeder with no Drivers
  • A simplex feeder with no double side scanning facility
  • Flatbed scanner not equipped with double-sided scanning technology

Third-party software such as VueScanhelps addresses these issues and lets you use the scanner to perform double-side scanning. However, it is a paid service, and you may find free apps based on your system and scanner. VueScan is the most comprehensive solution encompassing more than 6000 scanner models and several old operating systems.

A duplex scanner you own might not have the drivers due to some reason or has a very complex procedure to scan on both sides. Then VueScan will help you. Installing this software will help you with its step by step directions and help you achieve the results. It also acts as a bridge between the incompatible OS versions and the hardware when one is of advanced version, and the other is outdated. It also increases speed and keeps you productive.

With the simplex scanner, you can only scan one page at a time. So, what you will do is to scan the first side of all documents and then scan the second side. Using the VueScan, simply arrange them using the “interleave” option to get the pages in the right order. Meaning if you scan 1,3,4,5…. Pages and then turn over and scan 2,4,6 … pages, when you apply this feature they will be arranged as 1,2,3,4,5,6…. automatically.

A flatbed scanner can scan one document at a time and may not always come with scanning multiple pages as a set. In this case, you can use VueScan and scan them as a multipage PDF quickly by just pressing the “Scan +” button.

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