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Canon Pixma series of printers cum scanner offers both simple and sophisticated devices. Its series consists of various models such as mx490, mg2520, mg2522, mg3600, and many more. Check out the setup process and how to scan on Canon PixmaMX490. Canon scanners use a contact image sensor to perform scanning. Their multi-functional devices can perform actions such as scanning, printing, and faxing.

When I mention that you need to check if the device is turned on as the first and foremost step of the process, many people find it annoying as it seems obvious. However, do you know that several people calling for support claiming their scanners are not working simply forgot to switch on their device? If you ever had a chance to work in a support center, you will know how frequently this happens.

Once you turned the device on, you need to Install Drivers and then Launching IJ Scan Utility to start scanning. All this process is explained in detail below.

Before you start scanning, you need to install the device. Check out the in-detailed installation process. Here I am describing the most preferred method of cableless installation using a wireless network. This setup is for Windows PC, which is pretty much the same as other OS with very few differences.

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Canon PIXMA MG4150 ( Image source: Canon Portugal )

Setup On A Wireless Network In A Cable-Less Method On Windows PC

There are several stages involved in the setup process. Most of the steps are guided and easy to follow.

Initial Set-Up

  • You need to set up the network
  • Check the wireless router for availability
  • Confirm if it is set up properly
  • Verify if your computer is connected to the same network
  • Plugin the printer cum scanner and switch on the device
  • The indicator above the power button turns green when the device is on
  • Activate the LDC screen by pressing the “copy” button
  • Now use the “Set up” button, which displays the “Wireless LAN set up.”
  • Press the “Ok” button, which displays scrolling text
  • Press the “stop” button, which will lead to the “standard setup” screen
  • Navigate right for the “other setup” option and press “Ok.”
  • Then navigate to “Cableless Setup,” which again shows scrolling text

Working With PC

  • Use the CD Rom or download installation files from Canon website (
  • Go to the “Set up” tab, select country, then the device series, select the download type, and then the operating system to download it.
  • Run and install the software that opens a dialogue box.
  • Click “Next.”
  • From the connection methods, select “Wireless LAN connection” and then click “Next.”
  • Then select “Connect via a wireless router” and click “Next.”
  • When it asks you to check if the printer is turned on, check and confirm by clicking “Next.”
  • The “Printers on Network List” will show you a list, and if you are doing it for the first time, then the list will be blank.
  • If that is the case, you need to check the box stating “setting printer could not be found on the list” and click “next.” When the printer shows up on the list, click “Next.”

Actual Setup

  • It displays printer set up screen
  • As you have already initiated the process on the printer previously, you just need to click “Next” twice
  • You will now be on the “set up procedure selection” screen where you must select “Other methods.”
  • You get a bunch of options displayed in the setup window; select “Cableless Setup.”
  • Click “Next” thrice in the “connection via cableless setup” window
  • The setup process starts as it displays the “Setting Up” message
  • After a few minutes, a “Connection completed” screen appears once the connection is set up
  • Click “Next.”

Installing Software

  • A list of software will be displayed where you can select the required installations and click next.
  • Agree to the license terms by clicking “Yes.”
  • To proceed with the installation, click “Next.”
  • After several minutes, you will get the “Setup Completion” dialogue box; click complete

Initializing The Printer

  • It leads you to the next step of “Print Head Alignment,” where you need to click on the “Execute” button after loading plain paper into the printer.
  • Follow on-screen instructions and complete the print head alignment.
  • Click “Next” to complete the setup.
  • You will be asked to register the product, and you can either complete it by clicking “Next” or “Cancel” and do it when convenient.
  • You can choose to agree or do not agree with the Extended survey program.
  • Here comes the most awaited part, your test print time. You should choose “Execute” to print a test page.
  • Finally, after clicking “Next,” your installation process is completed, and you get to click on the “Exit” option.

Your device is now ready to scan or print. If you follow the scanning process below, you will also know how to scan on Canon Pixma mg3600. The Canon Pixma MX490 has an automatic document feeder for the scanner, but Canon Pixma mg3600 has only a glass bed surface to scan. The options for scanning may differ according to models, but the core process is similar, and all of them utilize the IJ Scan Utility.

How To Scan On Canon Pixma 01
Canon PIXMA MX515 ( Image source: Canon Portugal )
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Scanning Process

Here is the process of how to scan on Canon Pixma MX490. You can use the scanner using the “IJ scan utility.”  All the models of Canon Pixma using the IJ scan utility work similarly as described below.

Windows PC

It can be found in the “Canon utilities” folder from the list of programs or applications. It gets installed in your MP drivers while you install the printer drivers.

Mac System

The “IJ scan utility” is present in the applications section of the “Canon utilities” folder but might have slightly different names such as “IJ scan utility2” or “IJ scan utility lite” based on your model.

If you are looking for how to scan on Canon Pixma MG2520, check out the video provided in the “IJ Scan Utility” section of this article. It shows how simple it is to scan using the Canon Pixma MG2520 model within a few steps.

IJ Scan Utility

A dialogue box opens when you select the IJ Scan utility. The first step is to check if the product name is correctly mentioned in the text field on top, and if it is not correct, you must select the right model from the drop-down. When you are using the scanner from your directly connected PC, you can see the model number beside “Canon” followed by “Series.” However, when connected using the Wi-Fi, it shows “network” in the place of “Series.”

Here is a video showing how to scan on Canon PixmaMG2520.

Auto: When you scan using this option, the scanner auto-detects the type of source and saves it accordingly as a photo or document.

Document: A document or magazine belongs to this category. It helps in sharpening the text in the document to improve readability. Also, it saves the file in PDF format.

Photo: Select this setting when scanning photos. It will save the photo as JPEG by default, and you can also choose it to be TIFF or PNG.

Custom: Use it to make advanced settings where you can specify your custom preferences.

Stitch: It allows you to scan larger files than the scanner glass bed to combine and make a single file.

Some other settings are also available in the dialogue box, but these are the most used operations.

The “settings” button allows you to choose the folder to save your scanned files. Along with it, you can also set the resolution, change the name of the file, size, and many such options.

You can use the Canon Pixma MG2520 scanning process in the above video to understand how to scan on Canon Pixma MG2522 as they both use the same Utility. All these devices come along with a printer and involve settings for both printer and scanner.

You have completed the Setup and installation of software. You also understood how the Utility for scanning works and its options. Now it’s time for some action. You can scan and check how your scanner is performing using the below steps.

After you are familiar with the scanning settings, you can go through the following steps to scan your document or photo.

Step 1: Switch on the Device

Step2: Launch IJ Scan Utility

Step 3: Keep the source to scan in the ADF or on the glass plate based on the model

Step 4: You can select the resolution, file type, paper size, and similar options.

Step 5: Click on settings and apply the path where you want to save the scanned document.

Step 6: Click on the document option in the dialog box.

Step 7: This initiates the scanning process

Step 8: Check for the file in the Folder you designated

Each of the Canon Pixma models offers you various printer and scanner options. However, they all run using the same utility; hence they have a similar scanning process. You might find some functions missing in a few models and a few extra options in others, but the necessary actions remain the same. Explore your scanner options and make complete use of the provisions you get based on your model to take full advantage of the advanced technology.

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