Top 10 Uses for Portable Document Scanners

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There are many ways to use a portable document scanner, but here are some of the most common ones for your home or business.


When you want to upload small photos or documents digitally, a portable scanner can help. Most traditional scanning devices can handle a range of sizes, some of which may be bigger than you need.
Most portable scanners are made to fit a range of standard sizes. A handheld document scanner can be very helpful if you need to scan 3×5 or 4×6 photos or letter-sized documents.
This can also save you time because you won’t have to crop the pictures, which can be a pain when you’re working with small images. In fact, you can often set the size of the document ahead of time, so you don’t have to worry about making changes to the size on another device.

Also, these scanners often have technology that can find the edges of things. This can make it easier for you to scan a lot of photos without having to worry about what kind of files you’re adding to your computer. Plus, many scanners let you change the resolution while you’re scanning. This can save you time by cutting down on the work you’d normally have to do after you’ve uploaded the file to your computer.

2. The ability to move around and connect wirelessly

If you need to scan documents somewhere other than your office or home, it might seem impossible to bring your all-in-one printer with you. Not with a portable scanner that is wireless and can connect to WiFi and do its job anywhere. If you don’t have a dedicated office but still need to send out a lot of documents, this device can help.
The HP ScanJet Pro 2500 is a great example. It can scan both sides of up to 40 images at the same time. But one of its best qualities is that it’s only a little bit bigger than a normal piece of paper. It’s easy to move around with and connects quickly to the nearest WiFi network, so you can send your work as quickly as possible.


Most of the time, bigger devices take longer to start up than smaller ones. If your device does more than one thing, it may take even longer to start up. But with a portable scanner, you’re only doing one thing, so it doesn’t take long to start up.
People who need to scan a lot of photos or documents at once will benefit from a faster scanner. Scanning used to take a lot of time because you had to do it one photo or document at a time. Now, you can put several photos or documents into your scanner at once. This also saves time and makes it easier because you don’t have to wait for each scan to finish before you can add a new document.


In the past, scanners could only handle a certain number and type of files. Scanners can now handle more than one type of file at once because they are portable. A portable document scanner can make the process of scanning books, photos, and even 3D projects easier.
Before, it wasn’t possible to scan these unusual file types, but now it is. This is great for people who are creative because they may work with things that wouldn’t fit on a regular scanner.


With a portable scanner, you can often send your files straight to the people who need them. You can email them to yourself or to a client without having to take the extra step of attaching files from your computer or tablet. This can save you time because you won’t have to scan each document separately. You also won’t have to worry about missing files or files that are too big for your email server.
With this change, it’s also easier to organize the files you’re scanning. Instead of scanning files to your tablet or device and saving them in a folder, you can save them to a specific online space, like your cloud storage. Or, if you want to change your file, it’s best to send an image straight to the software you want to use.
You can scan your files to your favorite programs, such as ISIS®, TWAIN, and Kofax VRS Pro®, with the HP ScanJet Pro N4600. You can also scan up to 80 images at once and up to 6,000 documents per day.


Traditional scanners were made to handle only one kind of document, which was printer paper that was 8.5 inches by 11 inches. You can do a lot with that kind of scanner, but you can’t always create a digital file that can be sent if that’s the only way you can scan. This is especially hard for graphic designers and artists, whose work doesn’t always fit the original limits of what scanners could do.
With portable scanning tech, this is no longer a problem. Even though the scanner was designed for smaller documents, new software and technology make it possible to scan larger files. With bigger flatbeds and new software, you can now send designs to clients in a single file instead of a bunch of smaller ones. This software also lets you make changes without having to open a program like Adobe Photoshop, which can be helpful when you’re on a tight schedule.

7. Don’t use a copy machine.

In the past, you had to print out dozens of copies of a report to give to clients or coworkers when you wanted to share it. Now, you can take one print and use a portable scanner to make all the digital copies you need. You can send a file through email instead of wasting paper and time. This saves you time and lets you organize your files better.
Also, these files are kept for the future. You never have to worry about losing them as long as you have a way to store them digitally, like on a hard drive or in the cloud. If security is a concern, you can make passwords to protect sensitive information. With a portable document scanner, you can avoid the hassle of paper files and keep all of your documents in one place.


In the past, scanners would create images that could only be saved as certain file types, like JPEGs, PNGs, and others. This wasn’t always the best format for many documents, and it was hard to change the text without typing it all over again. Some new scanners on the market, on the other hand, skip that step entirely and let users scan files directly to PDFs.
This can make it much easier to send documents because you can attach several images to one file instead of sending them all separately. Even better, this can help organize and send files because they can be sent directly from a scanner and don’t need any extra software on a PC or laptop.


One of the best things that have happened to scan technology in the past few years is that mobile phones can now be used with it. Many newer scanners let you use an app on your phone to control them. This lets you send files from your phone and take your device almost anywhere. You can also use these apps to edit files on your computer less often so you have more time to do other things.
The HP DeskJet 3755 is one of HP’s all-in-one devices that lets you print and scan from your phone or tablet. This can be helpful if you’re not near your PC or laptop or if you need to send things directly to your phone so you can take documents with you.


Portable scanners have changed the way images are captured in many ways, but one of the best is that images can now look better than ever before. You can scan things with a higher resolution and without the usual obstructions.
Remember when books, brochures, and magazines were scanned with the spine showing? Now, no longer. This is great for so many things, but especially for getting rid of clutter and making digital copies of your files, work, etc.
The software used to be harder to use, too. But now that mobile apps and auto-adjustments have improved, even people with little experience editing photos can make big changes. This can cut down on or even eliminate the time and work you used to put into rescanning documents that didn’t look quite right.

In short,

You can use portable document scanners in a number of ways to your advantage. A portable scanner can be the right tool for the job, whether you’re an artist who wants to scan the whole project, a small business owner who wants to increase productivity, or someone else.

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